Brotherhood, support, Community


Our Mission

Providing a sense of community to all of those

who live uniquely-gendered lives in Orange County 

OCFTM seeks to provide outreach, support, resources, referrals, social events, and a sense of community to all of those who live uniquely-gendered lives. It seeks to foster awareness and understanding of transgender people for the greater community as well and works in collaboration with other organizations to unite and build the transgender community in Orange County.

Orange County Female to Male (OCFTM) was founded in November of 2000.  

The group was created out of a concern that transmen needed their own space to share and network as well as bond and learn more about the experience from others.  Meetings typically have an announced topic that relates to transmen and/or transgender people or involves a guest speaker, but may also include the viewing of transgender movies or documentaries or another special kind of event. The meeting space is almost always open to all and encourages significant others, family and friends to attend.